About Us

Stacy Zellner, lead singer/vocalist with 25 plus years of experience, decided after many years to put together her own project that has everything she looks for when she heads out to watch live entertainment.

Stacy's search began after coming up with a solid concept.   She reached out to Mike Kelemen  (Drums), Rich Kemmerer (Bass Guitar/Vocals), Mark Plantier(Lead & Rhythm Guitar/Vocals) and Dave Keagle (Lead & Rhythm Guitar/Vocals) making this a very formidable line up, creating what is now known as TRiCK STACY.

TRiCK STACY is POP/POP ROCK/ ROCK cover band with years of experience and well over 2000 shows performed under their belts in their individual music careers. TRiCK STACY's master set list is simply brilliant containing music for all.  TRiCK STACY covers mega super hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's and today guaranteeing packed dance floors. Total audience participation is a result of well arranged/masterly covered songs and medleys that are dynamic and pack a big punch.

TRiCK STACY's professionalism, strong stage presence, laid back and fun attitude are a winning combination for all...our fans, our venues and our band!

Come and check us out...see you soon at a live music venue near you!